Siyao Lyu

I am a grad student from China and love everything about fashion, cosmetics, cooking and baking. Have a curious mind about everything new and interesting. I enjoy to go on adventures beyond my surroundings and am fascinated by other cultures. For example, I lived in Spain for six months and was awed by the culture and history. I practice Kyudo (Japanese archery) to get a taste of martial heritage. I am a strong believer that everyone has something unique to offer just by bringing in different perspectives. I am excited to share mine.

Reanna PergoLizzi

I am a senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and living in Manhattan! In my spare time I love to travel, write, take photographs and SHOP!!

Bethanie John

Bethanie John

Lost the a and g in Chicago and moved to Chico where I am enjoying traveling around California more. I also have got to say that I have a sassy but classy chihuahua named Mishi.

Twitter: @bethanie-bb

Elizabeth Brummer

I am a student living in Seattle, Washington! I have moved around the country several times, which has given me the opportunity to see so many new environments and cultures. I am currently pursuing my passions in art, fashion, photography, and nature!

VSCO: @ebrummer | Pinterest: @ebbrummer

Josie Griffith 

Writer, poet, part time artist and aspiring chef!