Top 5 Fall Inspired Cocktails

Top 5 Fall Inspired Cocktails

It is officially Autumn so I no longer feel guilty writing about fall. To celebrate the beginning of fall I had a pumpkin spice latte for the first time. I'm not sure what took me so long but I decided this seemed like a good year to try this beverage with a cult following. This experience inspired me to write a post on fall beverages and what better than cocktails. Naturally, I have a board on Pinterest for all the cocktails I would like to make in the future which came in handy. I have gathered the top fall inspired beverages that I will definitely attempt to make this fall.

Hope you enjoy!

1. Creative Culinary - Hendrick’s Gin ‘Fall All Over’ Cocktail

This refreshing beverage only involves 4 ingredients and apparently only takes 5 minutes to make. So this would be a good cocktail for a last minute party. 


2. Floating Kitchen - Apple Cider, Bourbon and Amaretto Cocktail

This cocktail is a bit more complex but would impress all your guests if you threw a fancy dinner party.


3. The Cookie Rookie - Apple Cider Mimosas

Of course, there had to be a champagne cocktail on this list. There are only two ingredients in this cocktail; apple cider and champagne. It would be very difficult to mess up this recipe.


4. Slim Pickins Kitchen - Pumpkin Spiced Horchata

The main ingredient of this yummy cocktail is vanilla rum so it will probably be my new favorite cocktail.


5. Tasting Table - Boozy Cider Slushie

I'm pretty sure this will be a very popular drink this fall. The ingredients are; apple cider, bourbon, ginger beer, chai tea and lemon juice. I haven't tried making this yet but it sounds amazing!

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