The Yummiest Chocolate Heath Bar Poke Cake

The Yummiest Chocolate Poke Cake 

Hello everyone! I'm back with another recipe that'll make your doctor shake their head in disbelief. For those of you out there who are big believers of indulging in the good things in life, you have stumbled upon the right recipe. If you have never had a poke cake, I am happy to be the first to teach you all about it. Once a poke cake is done baking, holes are made which are then filled with a yummy filling. The filling is an added yummy surprise and it adds moisture to the cake.  I am forever grateful to my dear friend Corri for sharing this amazing recipe with me and for yelling at me for not making it right the first time. Corri made this amazing cake for our New Years celebration and upon my first bite, I was immediately obsessed.  Once I was told how easy the recipe was I loved it even more.  It's only 6 steps! That's right you're only 6 steps away from teh yummiest 

The Yummiest Chocolate Poke Cake 


  • Devils Food Cake Mix
  • 14 oz Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 1 Jar Chocolate Fudge 
  • 16 oz Whip cream
  • 1 Heath Chocolate Bar
The Yummiest Chocolate Poke Cake 


  1. Follow the directions on the box and bake the cake.
  2. Poke holes in the cake. This is an important step that I messed up the first time. It's very important to poke plenty of holes because this is how the yummy additions make their way in.
  3. Pour condensed milk over cake. Make sure to get the milk in the holes.
  4. Heat the fudge and pour over cake. The amount is up to you, I used about half the jar. Cool the cake once desired amount of fudge is poured over.
  5. Once the cake is cool, spread whip cream on the top.
  6. Crush the Heath bar and sprinkle it on top of whip cream.
  7. Enjoy your yummy yummy creation. Yes, you might have difficulty getting a clean cut because of all the holes but it doesn't affect the taste.
The Yummiest Chocolate Poke Cake 
The Yummiest Chocolate Poke Cake 
The Yummiest Chocolate Poke Cake