Style Guide: Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Style Guide: Winter Wardrobe Essentials

I never thought I would say these words but I'm finally getting the hang of this whole winter thing, and it only took sixteen years. Yes, I realize that's crazy because after 16 years my body should have adjusted to the cold Chicago winters, but it hasn't and it still yearns for the non-existent African winters. Fortunately, I've learned to love it because I have finally learned how to dress for the cold weather. Each year I have added something new to my winter wardrobe essential and I believe it's finally complete. My ideal temperature is 80°, so being able to survive in 20° below is a pretty big dealBelow is a list of items I simply can not live without in the winter. 

1. Blanket Scarf

The blanket scarf is the latest addition to my essentials and I am obsessed with it. It's the best of both worlds; a scarf outdoors and a mini blanket indoors. Blanket scarves are especially good for the windy days, they are the perfect sheild for your face. 

2. Hat & Gloves

This is really a no brainer and if you need one, you'll most likely need the other. Cold ears are very uncomfortable and frozen fingers aren't any beter.  

3. Wool Socks

I wish I would have discovered these earlier because they are a total game changer. A few years back my toes become numb because of the cold and I was convinced myself my toes were done for. Obviously, I was wrong but ever since my discovery of wool socks numb toes hasn't been an issue. 

4. Fleece Lined Tights

Sometimes, I get sick of wearing the wearing in the winter. I love jeans but winter outfits can get so repetitive. Fleece lined tights help break that pattern and they're also great to wear under pants on the single digit days. 

5. Boots

Again, this is a no-brainer but in the past, I thought I could get away with wearing sneakers to get through the winter. I was very very wrong, good boots are an absolute necessity! Frozen toes and slipping on ice aren't a good look, so prevent it with a good pair of boots. 

6. Thick Sweater

This is an everyday item for me, I love sweater so much. I almost wish I could wear them in the summer-time. They come in so many varieties and they're just so cozy. 

7. Parka

If I was putting this list in order of most treasured, a parka would definitely be number one. I've never been a fan of puffer jacket so parkas are a good combination of warm and not too bulky. What I also love about them are that they can also be transition jackets from fall to winter. And the most important feature on the parka is the hood. There are days when you don't want to mess up your hair with a hat and a hood is perfect for that, it also protects your whole head from the harsh winter elements. 

8. Sunglasses

This might seem like an odd choice but after experience the blinding snow on a sunny day, I will never leave my sunglasses at home. Although the sun is rare in the winters, it's blinding effects are intensified when combined with ice and snow. 

9. Denim 

What the heck would I do without my denim in the winter? Jeans a wardrobe staple for all seasons and they're the most comfortable. They're also the warmest when paired with tights. 


NA-KD - Cashmere Blend Scarf $116

NA-KD - Monique Heavy Knit Sweater $51.49

River Island - Burgundy Bobble Hat $26

Topshop - Check Leather Gloves $48

Target - Wool Socks $5.60

LOFT - Fleece Lined Tights $14.50

Target - Aerosoles Cascade Boots $89.99

REVOLVE - Crew Neck Sweater $70

Topshop - Hooded Parka Jacket $150

REVOLVE - Spitfire Sunglasses $39

AG Jeans - The Stilt $225

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