Style Guide: Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Letting go of the summertime is sad, and what makes it even worse is waving goodbye to all of those adorable dresses, shorts, and sandals that you could not live without for the past three months. Believe it or not, there are ways to transition these items into the cooler autumn months. The main key to perfecting this transition is to layer, layer, LAYER!


Transition 1: Sundress

This is probably the easiest way to bring a touch of summer into fall. Take your favorite sundress from the summer and pair it with your warmest tights. Then add a denim jacket, soft cardigan, or light leather jacket over it. For shoes, you can opt for sweet & flirty ballet flats or a more edgy combat boot. Adding these fall accents will take away from the summery vibes that the dress gives off. And wa-la! You have a fresh, unique outfit for autumn.


Transition 2: Denim Shorts

This is a complicated transition that can look off at times. It is important to perfectly balance out the shorts with the right amount of warmer items in order for the outfit to look put together. Take those denim shorts that you lived in all summer, and add sheer tights underneath them. Sheer tights with a print on them are trendy and will give some pizzaz to the outfit. Pair this with a basic t-shirt and a blazer or funky jacket.


Transition 3: Camisole

Southern Curls and Pearls

Southern Curls and Pearls

Cropped tank tops, specifically ones with thin straps, are perfect for layering in the fall. You can throw one of these over a long sleeve shirt. This simple pairing is very versatile and can to be paired with various bottoms including boyfriend jeans, leggings, and skinny jeans. Along with this option, you can ditch the long sleeve top and wear the tank with jeans and a warm coat or open sweater.

Bottom line is, if you pair anything with a sweater, jacket, or blazer- you can get away with it in the fall. Enjoy the upcoming cool months and have fun with your outfit planning!

- Reanna Pergolizi

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