Spring Delights: 6 Exciting Spring Trends

Spring Delights: 6 Exciting Spring Trends

Finally, my favorite time of year...SPRING!! As much as I love boots, I get so sick of them at the end of winter. Thankfully spring comes at the perfect time before the boot hatred gets too real. Apart from finally getting to wear flat and sneakers, spring is also very exciting because everyone can finally start wearing those fancy outfits they've been saving for warmer weather.  For those who haven't started their spring shopping spree yet, below are the trends you will be seeing everywhere this season.

Statement Sleeves

Such drama, such beauty! I wasn't sure about this trend at first but it grew on me and I might be sporting large sleeves very soon. However, one must be careful at the dinner table with these sleeves. 



Photo via Vogue

I feel kinda silly putting something as simple as "stripes" on this list but I swear I've seen them everywhere. I don't know if I'm ready to step out in a pair of striped pants but I appreciate the leg lengthening effect. 


Backless Slides

These backless loafers have been around for a while now but I believe they are now at their peak of trendiness. This, I am a huge fan of! I love anything that takes seconds to put on and take off.


Space Buns 

The lazy part of me is happy this trend is now acceptable for all age groups. This is absolutely one of the best hairstyles to make possible when you just "can't even" with your hair. All you need is two hair ties and bam you have a cute hairstyle. 


Block Heels

Our feet are thanking us for this amazing trend. We can all agree that block heels are much much easier to walk in and depending on the style, they're much easier to walk in.



I am obsessed with this trend! It appears someone saw a white button down shirt and said, "this is too bring let's give it some pizazz. Then they tore the shirt apart and put it back together incorrectly leading to a beautiful creation. 



Topshop  - Slip On Mules $52

Topshop - Slip On Mules $52

Revolve  - Solange Bustier $80

Revolve - Solange Bustier $80

 Topshop  - Choker Crop Top $32

 Topshop - Choker Crop Top $32

NA-KD  - Cut Out Heel $47.50

NA-KD - Cut Out Heel $47.50

Zara - Top with Ruffles $39.90

Zara - Top with Ruffles $39.90


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