Spotlight on Artist Jennifer Sanchez

Spotlight on Artist Jennifer Sanchez

I'm so excited to share another interview featuring another amazing woman, Jennifer Sanchez. Sanchez is an NYC based artist who creates mind-blowing paintings. The work of Sanchez makes you truly appreciate the patience of artists. I can not imagine the amount of time and work that goes into creating Sanchez's geometric work but the outcome is truly spectacular. After learning more about Jennifer Sanchez below, please head over to her shop to see more of her amazing work!

What sparked your interest in art and design?

A Keith Haring show at the Tampa Museum my brother took me to.

Do you remember the point in life when you realized you wanted to make a living as an artist?

High school. When I realized I didn't have to limit myself to painting alone as an art form. I was also interested in graphic design.

Who or what inspires you?

really, anything geometric. artists who are not afraid to change styles or direction just because it's different from what they've created before.

What is your artistic process?

Make time to work, and work. I may not be able to paint for a while, but I'm often thinking about the pieces I'm working on & run through ideas. I really won't know what will work out until I actually do it, so making time to do the work is key.

Has your style evolved over time? 


Would you say there is a theme to your work?

geometric shapes & bright colors

What is the most challenging part of being an artist?

Not having enough time ever to make stuff.

What is your favorite aspect of running your business?

packing up a painting for delivery

How do you stay motivated when you experience a creative rut?

by looking at other art

What has been your favorite project or creation so far?

painting illustrations for food packaging. can't say much, as it' not yet launched.

What is your ultimate goal with your art-work?

to push the paintings in new directions & work with even more diverse clients

Any last words? 

don't take yourself too seriously. there's a glut of artwork in the world, so take chances & stop caring too much.

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