"No Pizza No Party" An Interview with Chicago Designer Katya Flores

"No Pizza No Party" An Interview with Chicago Designer Katya Flores

“No Pizza, No Party” To some, including myself, these are words to live by. To Katya Flores these were the words that caught the attention of Nylon magazine, which lead to a feature in the Nylon Shop. I am excited to introduce Katya Flores, the designer who understands the importance of pizza in the lives of many in our generation, especially Chicago residents. I met Flores 4 years ago when we both participated in a design competition and I instantly got the cool girl vibe from her. She has a very distinct personal style and a great personality to go with it.  With designs that range from contemporary wear to street-wear Flores has an ethnic and eclectic aesthetic. Like many of us creatives Flores has a very busy schedule and we were unable to have a formal interview but she was kind enough to answer questions for me via email.

OA: Where does your artistic influence come from?

KF: I'm influenced by different things and people. I really like my work to be eclectic and ethnic inspired.


OA: What is your philosophy about the art of fashion?

KF: You express yourself through clothes, you choose what you want to wear according to your mood or personality. I think that's really cool and I really enjoy putting outfits together everyday.  


OA: What is your design process?

KF: My design process varies. Sometimes I have a concept in mind, but other times I fall in love with fabric and I let it inspire me.

OA: What is the most challenging part of being a designer?

KF: The most challenging thing about being a designer is the struggle of making it. It's a tough industry.


OA: How does your work reflect your personal style?

KF: My style is very quirky and eccentric. You'll most likely find me wearing prints on prints and lots of color.


OA: Who is your dream client?

KF: My dream client would probably have to be either Solange, Sky Ferreira, Zoe Kravitz or Belinda (mexican pop star)


OA: Where do you envision your brand going?

KF: I want to be a successful designer and envision my brand releasing collections every season.

Lastly, I had to ask her about her playful beanies and her answer was perfection.


“I thought it would be cool and funny to make beanies inspired by my love for pizza.

Pizza also happens to be weirdly trending right now so it works out. I mean who doesn't love pizza? haha”

A designer with a good sense of humor and knowledge of what people want; what more could we ask for?


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