We've got your back: Making a Backpack Look Fashionable

A returning trend that I have noticed while shopping during the current “Back to School” season, is backpacks! Even high-end stores like Kate Spade and Michael Kors are carrying fashionable, accessible backpacks. There seems to be a blurred line between those L.L. Bean customizable backpacks that we all had in our younger years, and these sleek, chic, and trendy backpacks emerging for this fall. Keep reading if you’d like to know how to style a backpack; when to wear it, and different options depending on what you’ll be using it for!

Style: Drawstring

Drawstring backpacks are great for the girl who is always on the go. You can find this style at any store ranging from Forever 21 to Coach. I particularly love this Vera Bradley drawstring because it is not too big or small, and has a gorgeous pop of “Tango Red”. Style a drawstring pop of color backpack with an all-black outfit to look sophisticated and fun.






Brand: Kipling and Jansport

For those who refuse to believe that backpacks are trendy, and want to stick to the classic, nostalgic ones from middle school days- Kipling and Jansport have your back. These are perfect for everyday use, whether it is commuting to work or running out to go shopping. Opt for a neutral color and a classic style to balance it all out.


Sizing: Tiny vs. Large

If you feel yourself wanting to jump on the backpack bandwagon but you are not sure what size would fit your lifestyle, do not fear! The easiest way to figure this out is to think about what size purse you usually opt for. For example, if you always end up wearing a tiny clutch or crossbody purse, then you will probably work best with a small backpack. If on the other hand, your purse holds your entire life in it, you will want to get a larger one.

Kate Spade makes this decision easy, their Watson Lane backpack comes in small and large sizes. So if you like this simple style of the backpack, your only decision will be which size you want.

Backpacks are the ideal accessory for any type of person. They are easy and compact for any event, so it is all about figuring out what style works for you. We are hoping this is a trend that stays this time around!

- Reanna Pergolizzi

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