Holiday Gift Guide 2016!

WooHoo! It's finally December, this year flew by but I must admit I'm ready for it to be over (it's been a strange year haha). So I'm going to focus on one of the best seasons of the year, gift giving season. This year, rather than focusing on one person in your life to shop for, I'm focusing on the various characters in your life. Sometimes it's difficult finding gifts for people and I would love nothing more than to alleviate the holiday stress for everyone. 

Hope you enjoy!

For the Minimalist...

Clean Bar Shoulder Cross-body $48.00

the Organizer...

12 Month Desktop Calendar $20.00

the Dog Lover...

Daschund Sleep T-Shirt $35.00

the Cat Lover...

Brooklyn Pet House $39.00

the Feminist...

Uteruses Before Duderuses Mug $13.50

the Flowerchild...

Mason Jar Indoor Garden $20.00

the Beauty Maven...

Radiant Eyes Kit $5.00

last but not least the Foodie.

State Slate Cheese Board $19.99

Happiness is...Tee $49.00

Fast Food Socks $10.00


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