Happy National Coffee Day!

Happy National Coffee Day!

Tomorrow is national coffee day and I believe it is a day to be celebrated. Many of us can not start our days without a cup...or two.  To celebrate this magical day, High Brew Coffee is sharing some fun tips with us on incorporating coffee throughout the day. This way you can show all your friends just how much you love coffee. There is also an additional blurb at the bottom featuring other coffee day deals. 

Hope You Enjoy!

Photo via  Honestly Yum

Photo via Honestly Yum

1. Coffee Ice Cubes

To add some extra flavor to your coffee, try freezing some High Brew Mexican vanilla coffee in ice cube trays. With this neat trick your coffee won't be watered down, it'll only get better.  

Photo via  Pass The Sushi

Photo via Pass The Sushi

2. Coffee Cocktail 

This is one you will definitely want to share with your friends. Impress your friends by making the "Dark Moon" cocktail (Pictured above). Mix the High Brew double espresso, rum, coffee liqueur, cream and coke for this yummy creation. Recipe here.


3. Coffee Marinade

Liven up your next dinner party with a coffee infused marinade. Follow this recipe on Epicurious for the yummy coffee marinated skirt steak. 

Photo via  Country Cleaver

Photo via Country Cleaver

4. Coffee Sauce

I've now decided all these recipes will be used in one night for a coffee themed dinner party. Naturally, this is one of my favorite recipes because it's used for dessert. This yummy coffee caramel sauce can be used to top any dessert. I think it would be to top off a sundae. In the directions for this sauce, simply ignore the part about making the coffee because that's all taken care of thanks to High Brew.

Photo via  I Am Baker

Photo via I Am Baker

5. Coffee Frosting 

This is for the dessert after dessert, the secret dessert that you share with your closest friends. Simply mix some high brew dark chocolate coffee into your frosting of choice and enjoy the explosion of flavor that takes place in your mouth. Refer to this recipe for measurements.

National Coffee Day Deals

  • Dunkin Donuts - Enjoy a medium sized coffee for only 66 cents.
  • Krispy Creme - Enjoy a free small coffee and a free original glazed donut
  • High Brew Coffee - Anyone who places an order via UberEats in the downtown area between 11am to 2pm will receive two samples of High Brew coffee.
  • Starbucks - A coffee tree will be donated with every cup of Mexico Chiapas coffee purchased.

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