Free Printables: Less Excuses More Doing

It's that time of year again, time for a freebie! Last year, my motto was "Good Vibes Only" and this will never change. I will always try my best to put out more positive energy into the world, however, I'm going to need to step it up this year. I let stress and anxiety control my life and it ruined the majority of my routines; I refuse to let that happen this year. Although one should definitely relax when stressed I believe I relaxed a bit too much and started using random stressors as an excuse not to get anything done. This is why my motto this year is, "Less Excuses More Doing". Unless it's a good excuse (which it most likely isn't), we need to stop giving ourselves reasons to be lazy and actually get s**t done. Like every other human, I need reminders and this is why I have created these beautiful posters. The posters are printable and are available below to download for free!


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