5 Fashion Startups Changing The Way We Shop

5 Fashion Startups Changing The Way We Shop

Hello, My name is Omotola and I am scared of online shopping. This might be shocking seeing that I’m obsessed with fashion and the internet. There are many things that worry me about online shopping which include; shipping, accuracy and it's simply overwhelming at times. Luckily, I live in a time where people seem to be fixing all our first world problems including problems with online shopping. There are many startups that are making shopping from home even more convenient. Below is a list of 5 fashion startups that are changing the way we shop.

1. Try

This startup is almost too good to be true. Like many other shoppers, the main reason I’m intimidated by online shopping is because I am worried about the fit of whatever I am purchasing. Try is fixing that problem by letting customers try clothes at home for free. “You get 10 days from when you receive your clothes to decide what you want to keep or return. You only get charged for the clothes you decide to keep. All packages ship with a free pre-paid return label.” This is simply genius, it takes all the guesswork out of online shopping.


If you are a sneaker head or know any sneaker heads, then GOAT is a startup that you must check out. Sometimes it’s difficult buying high end items online because we can’t always trust the authenticity of the item. GOAT is fixing that problem for the sneaker head community by providing a safe way to buy and sell sneakers. Unlike other buying and selling platforms GOAT verifies the authenticity of all sneakers that are sold for over $300. If the item is not authentic, the sale is canceled and the customer gets their money back. They also have a database of over 10,000 sneakers, which is amazing.

3. Colabination

Colabination is a startup that wants to fix one problem, which is finding new brands for us to shop. Colabination helps us discover independent brands from local communities across the globe. This is extremely important because there is a plethora of amazing brands out there. However, many of these amazing brands are overlooked and overshadowed by bigger brands. Luckily, Colabination is here to help and we can now have the amazing pieces in their collection in our closets.

4. Spring

Spring drew me in as soon as I saw the words, “Free Shipping”; Music to my ears. However, spring is much more than free shipping. Spring is an app that has simplified online shopping with a curated community of brands. It helps consumers discovers new brands and it helps brands gain a larger following. Spring has exclusives posted every day and launches new brands weekly. One of my favorite component of this app is the easy checkout. All you have to do is swipe with your finger to pay. Terrible for my wallet but super convenient.

5. Swavy

Swavy is a dream for all celeb obsessed fan girls. Swavy finds all the information about celebrity looks and has a direct link to purchase items from the their looks. It gets better, Swavy has a look for less option for those who don’t feel like spending a paycheck on a pair of shoes. This startup extremely convenient because they’re doing all the hard work for you and they give you the option of emulating the look on a budget.

Hope you find the list helpful and please let me know if there are any other startups out there. 


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