Emma Watson: Our Eco-Friendly Fashion Hero

Image via FN

Image via FN

About two weeks ago, Emma Watson shared the news about her new Instagram account, The Press Tour. I was already aware of how amazing this woman is but this new account has made me an official fangirl. The Press Tour focuses on Watson's attire while she is on the Beauty and the Beast press tour. Yes, this might not seem like a big deal but it absolutely is because everything she is wearing during the tour is eco-friendly. Amazing actress, active feminist and eco-friendly hero, Emma Watson is an all around amazing human. It's refreshing getting a reminder that awesome people are out there. 

Each Photo includes details on all the outfits and beauty looks. Some of them even include the source of the fabric, which is very specific information to have. However, while looking through the posts and reading the details, you might notice many of the looks are made just for Watson or some surpass the average budget. This is a bit deterring but it actually inspired me because it reminded me of the importance of supporting businesses that are choosing to go the ethical route. It can be difficult finding eco-friendly clothing and makeup that is also friendly to your wallet but I believe it's ok to splurge on items that support a good cause. 

We do not all have a team of people sourcing eco-friendly makeup and jewelry for us but you have me, your internet friend who will do the work for you. Below are a few budget friendly brands that won't make you feel guilty after shopping.