Easy Pressed Plant DIY

Pressing plants is something I've always wanted to do. I'm not sure why it took me so long because it's probably the easiest project I've ever worked on. In total I think it took about 10 minutes to do this..ok technically 10 days but it's simply 10 days of waiting. Another awesome aspect of this project is that it was extremely cheap. The main issue is that the simplicity will lead me to pressing all the plants and I just don't have enough wall space for this (#plantladyproblems). Continue reading below to start your own pressed plant collection. 

Hope you Enjoy!

Style & Forks: Pressed Plant DIY 


  • Notebook
  • Healthy leaves
  • Frame


  • Safely trim leaves from a plant 
  • Open notebook to center page
  • Place leaves in the desired formation on page (This is probably the hardest part depending on the type of plant used but with patience, the plant will flatten out)
  • Carefully close notebook
  • Place a stack of books on top of the notebook
  • Leave the stack of books on for about 10 days (This might be shorter or longer again depending on the plant used. 
  • Once flattened, carefully place the leaves on the glass inside the frame, then place a piece of paper on top of the leaves and close the frame.
  • Hang your new creation wherever your heart desires.
Style & Forks: Pressed Plant DIY
Style & Forks: Pressed Plant DIY
Style & Forks: Pressed Plant DIY


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