DIY Embroidery: A JEANius Way to Redesign Your Denim

Photo Via Instagram

Photo Via Instagram

Ahh jeans..the go-to staple that every female has at least one pair of in her wardrobe. There are the classic mom jeans, skinny jeans, boyfriend, bootcut, and the list goes on. But what about adding something completely new to the denim Wall of Fame. I will now introduce you to the reconstructed jeans, the torn, painted, embroidered, collaged jean. This inventive twist on an iconic fashion item will bring a whole new dazzle to your everyday ensembles. 

Yes, denim may be wonderful, but it comes with a price tag. The bigger the “wow” factor, the quicker your dollars leap out of your wallet. What if I told you that there is an alternate way, a way that ensures you both style and affordability. Redoing your denim with a DIY makes all of this—and more—possible. Allow this easy and artistic denim makeover to blow your mind and inspire you to explore your inner designer. 

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  • Jeans
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Needle
  • Thread
  • Pen/Chalk/Fabric Marker


1.  Find the base. This can be an old pair of jeans you have always wanted to do something with because you cannot bear the thought of an undeserving stranger wearing them. Or how about the pair that never gave you that sense of fulfillment in an outfit and was consequently sent to the deepest, darkest part of your closet? You choose. 

2.  Gather your materials for this majestic reincarnation. You will need: thread (whichever color matches your vibe), scissors, a sewing needle, and something to outline the design with (I used a pen, but if you don’t want the outline to show, I would suggest using chalk or a fabric marker). 

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3.  Next, unleash your inner creativity and express this artistic power right onto your jeans. I chose to embroider a series of stars, but flowers, words, hearts, etc. will work as long as you have the determination and patience to do it. Trace your design onto the jeans, or freestyle it if you feel confident in your abilities. 

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4.  Loop the thread through the needle so that the needle dangles halfway between the two endpoints of the thread. Tie the ends together in a knot. Then, take a deep breath, and poke the needle through the denim (start from the inside and poke the needle to the outside of the denim). Put the needle back into the fabric at whatever point you choose. Poke the needle back up to the surface in a place as close to the last stitch as you can get (this part is challenging, but a little focus and patience is all it takes). Repeat this until you have completed your outline. Tie the thread together a second time once you are done, so that the thread doesn’t fall through the gaps in the fabric of the denim. 

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 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

5.  Stitch around the shape a second time for a thicker and more defined line, or fill it in with stitches if you want more than the outline. Try new things! Whatever you do cannot be worse than what scissors can fix. 

Lastly, time to test! Take your newly refined and freshly fabulous look to the streets, and feel confident in yourself. Forget diamonds, these new old jeans will be your new best friend.

-Elizabeth Brummer

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