9 Steps To Cleaning Your Space For The New Year

Tomorrow is th and like many others, I am excited about a new beginning. I did something a little different this year and decided to make changes before the start of the new year.  I thoroughly cleaned my home to have a truly fresh start for the new year and it was a great feeling. Some might think this involves simply cleaning your place but to truly notice the difference. I decided to do this cleanse because I felt a lot of tension and bad energy in my room. Every time I walked into my room I felt almost uncomfortable and slightly claustrophobic. There was always a pile of clothes and papers that never found a home and little things like this were all adding to the feelings of discomfort. Then one day I realized it was time for a change, I put on my favorite playlist on Spotify and got right to it. It went so well in my room that I decided to continue throughout the rest of my apartment. Below are the steps I took to successfully declutter my space. 

Hope you enjoy!

1. Donate unworn clothing

This was probably the hardest for me. It took me a while to admit this but I am definitely a hoarder when it comes to clothing. I have the mentality that just because an item does not fit now doesn't mean it won't fit eventually. Thinking this way is irrational and leads to clutter. If an item of clothing hasn't been worn in over a year and is pushed into the far corner of your closet, it's safe to say it'll continue to be unworn. Do yourself (and someone else) a favor by donating these items, your trash will become another's treasure.

2. Store out of season clothing 

This might seem like a no brainer but I only started doing this about a year ago and it makes a world of difference. For this season, I placed all my summer clothes in a plastic bin and stored the big in my coat closet. This created a large amount of room in my closet and it has become much easier to figure what to wear with less distraction from clutter. 

3. Get rid of things you dislike 

This probably seems like an obvious thing to do. However, we all have that item that was gifted to us by a loved one and we feel guilty getting rid of it but we low key hate it. Get rid of it!! I found that I was holding on to so many things that I disliked because I felt like it would be rude to get rid of them. However, the chances of someone asking me about a gift they gave me 5 years ago are very slim. If it an item is in good condition it can be donated or maybe even regifted. 

4. Rearrange 

Rearranging a room is a great way to spotlight objects that are no longer needed. If you are rearranging your living room and notice there is a side table that can't find a home, perhaps there's no need for that side table. 

5. Display items that make you happy

This may seem counterintuitive when cleaning but this made a positive difference for me. Some might think that when cleaning, the more minimal the better. However, this is YOUR space so if displaying a collection of crystals adds positivity to your home then display it all. 

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6. Plants, plants and more plants

This is also a no-brainer for me; when you have a clean space the addition of clean air makes it that much better. Here are my favorite air purifying plants.

7. Cleanse the energy 

If you're cleaning the space physically, why not clean the energy as well. Some might now believe this makes a difference but why not try? I bought a sage stick from a local shop and did some research on the cleansing ritual. I found this website to be very helpful.

8. Take it one step at a time

This can be a pretty large project, depending on how large your space is. So do not overwhelm yourself, perhaps do one room a day. 

9. Make it a habit 

Many of us have probably done a thorough cleaning before, sadly,  it lasted about a week. The easiest way to keep your space clean is by making a habit of sprucing up your space daily. I created a mental checklist of thing to clean daily. 

  • Make bed
  • Spruce up living room
  • Wash the dishes and wipe down counters
  • Clean desk
  • Pick up random pile of clothes in room (I don't know how they form, but they appear daily haha)

This has created such a big difference and I'm learning that cleaning takes much less time now.