Celebrate Galentines Day With Fruit Pop Rosé Cocktails

Mark your calendars ladies! Galentines day is next Monday, February 13th, and I am excited to celebrate with my besties. Created by the amazing fictional character Leslie Knope, Galentines day is a day to celebrate with your best "gals". Let's face it, it's also another excuse to enjoy some bubbly and forget about that diet you're on.

I love a good beverage and the sweeter it is the better. This year I tested out a fruit pop rosé cocktail recipe, and I was extremely happy with the outcome. I soon realized I had to share this extremely easy cocktail recipe with everyone. It requires 3 ingredients and 3 steps, so if you have difficulty with recipes, this is the one for you. My favorite part of this recipe, apart from its playfulness, is how much flavor the GoodPop fruit pops add to the beverage. They melt into the rosé and create the perfect amount of fruity and tart. Scroll down to learn what you'll need to share this recipe with your besties!

Fruit Pop Rosé Mimosa 

Popsicle Rosé Mimosas


  • Sparkling Rosé
  • GoodPop Frozen Pops
  • Strawberries (or whatever fruit you prefer to use for garnish and flavor)
Fruit Pop Rosé Mimosas


  1. Slice berries and put them in the glass 
  2. Place fruit pop in the glass
  3. Pour the desired amount of Rosé over the popsicle and berries
  4. Enjoy!
Fruit Pop Rosé Mimosa 
Fruit Pop Rosé Mimosa 


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