Bringing Greenery Into Your Life

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Calling all outdoorsy people, nature lovers, tree huggers, and those who want the lush life of the earth without the hassle of dirt and bugs. I present to you, indoor plants! Although they have been around forever, greenery inside the home is trending now more than ever. Along with the beauty of these sprouts comes a plethora of benefits, both mental and physical.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, “active interaction with indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress. This is accomplished through suppression of sympathetic nervous system activity and diastolic blood pressure and promotion of comfortable, soothed, and natural feelings. ” Basically, plants increase productivity and make us feel better! There are multiple ways to incorporate these health boosting, efficiency increasing, aromatic organisms into your own home.

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Succulents are the go- to plant for those who don’t get around to watering everyday, or for those who may have more of a brown thumb than a green one. Make sure to give these beauties plenty of sunshine and water them as needed, or every one or two weeks. Plants like aloe vera (AKA healer of sunburns), string of pearls, and cactus variations are perfect!

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Who ever said that plants must grow in soil? There is a myriad of alternatives that I still cannot believe exist. For instance, air plants are plants that have the ability to grow in the air- no water, no soil- just the air around us! Another example of these fun, unconventionally grown plants is mint: just add water! Mint can grow in a jar of water. Simply take a root of mint from soil, rinse it off, place it in a mason jar, and watch the new white roots appear and the leaves continue to grow! These plants are a unique and awe inspiring way to boost you nature loving vibes.

This next set of super-plants are the “vacuum cleaners” of the air we breathe. Certain types of plants are known to purify the air and are recommended for household use. Plants such as the spider plant, dracaena (although this type is bad for pets), peace lily, and aloe vera remove toxins from the air, allowing you to feel cleaner in your home.

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A fun way to contain the soil loving plants in your home is to put them in fun pots and jars! An assortment of pots creates a colorful and vibrant environment, while all of the same type or color provides a clean and minimalistic feel. In my opinion, the more plants and pots, the better!

Whatever your “soul-plant” is, be sure to give it plenty of sunshine and TLC! Then, sit back, relax, watch it grow. There’s just something about seeing a living thing survive under your watch that gives you a major sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Go ahead, see for yourself! And if all else fails, fake plants look real enough.

- Elizabeth Brummer

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