Beauty Guide: Spring Beauty Tips

Spring is finally here, and this means that the flowers are blooming, the sunshine is peeking out, and the days are becoming longer. This also means that it is time for girls around the world to adjust their beauty routines so that they go hand in hand with the warmer months. In the winter, beauty trends like dark colored lipstick, smoky eyes, and long/dark hair are prevalent. In the spring many women opt for a lighter, more natural beauty look. We are here to give you some ideas for spring beauty!

Substitute heavy foundation for a tinted moisturizer

Tinted moisturizers almost always have SPF which is even more important once the sun starts coming out for longer amounts of times. Tinted moisturizers also have a lighter coverage so they do not look as heavy as many foundations do. In the spring and summer many women opt for a natural, beachy look. I am currently transitioning from my Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation to a NARS Tinted Moisturizer. Another (year round) bonus, they keep your skin hydrated!


Swap your burgundy lipstick for a more neutral color

Dark lips were in trend for Winter 16/17, but now that it is spring it is time to bring out the nudes. Nude lipsticks are great for that natural look we previously spoke about, and depending on the shade they can transition from a day to night look.


Freshen up that hair!

Photo via StyleCaster

Photo via StyleCaster

The winter may have caused you to want long hair that you could hide behind, and possibly a darker shade of hair than usual. With the “lob” hairstyle being more in now than ever, this is the best time to try out a new, edgy haircut! If you chop some of your hair off now, it will be the perfect length for the summertime. 

Photo via StyleCaster

Photo via StyleCaster















Protect your skin! It will thank you later!

This seems to be an obvious beauty requirement that too many people ignore. Make sure to stock up on higher SPF as the UV outside becomes stronger. This will protect you from nasty, painful sunburns that could cause wrinkles and cancer in the long run.

The most important thing to remember when prepping for spring beauty is that it truly is all about what works for you! All of the tips and tricks given in this article have so many variations. For example, if you do not like a neutral colored lip on yourself, you can always find a lovely more pigmented color. If you do not want short hair, choose to add some highlights instead! The two keys for beauty for ALL seasons is to stay hydrated and sleep, everything else is simply just advice. There are always so many different ways to be prepared for the seasons when it comes to beauty, and that is what makes it so special. Happy Spring!

- Reanna Pergolizzi