Beauty Guide: Bright EyeLiner Looks

What's up guys, how's everything going? I have been having some crazy busy days lately, and it's easy to feel beaten down and exhausted. However, I refuse to let life get to me like that. Everyone has something reserved for a bad day to pick themselves up. While some people reach for a treat or their favorite accessory, I choose to crank up my makeup. What do I do? I swap my usual black or brown eyeliners with vibrant colors.

The eyeliners I use are purple, green, burgundy, and turquoise. These colors along with navy blue, are the most common colorful eyeliners, and they usually come in crayon or gel. They are less precise than liquid eyeliners, but they give much more pigmentation, which is what we want.

Because I usually apply these vibrant colors in day-to-day life instead of going out to party or something, I apply the colorful eyeliner to my top lid and blend it out just a little bit. If you feel like the color is too much to wear into the office, you can always apply a thin layer of black liquid eyeliner on top, and let the color peak through a little. They don't need to be as dramatic as the ones you see on fashion magazines. Follow your heart and do whatever you feel comfortable with. For me, even the most subtle yet unusual color makes all the difference. 

However, these are also perfect to make you stand out in any party occasion. You can apply them on your lower lash line and really blend it out, or make a cut crease statement eye makeup. That is the beauty of having these colorful eyeliners, you can truly play with them and let your creativity run wild!

-  Siyao Lyu