Beauty Guide: 2017 Must Try Beauty Trends

New year, new you!

… Well, maybe not.  I, for one, can’t pass up a cookie or two, so maybe not so much on the weight loss front of things.  But do not fear!  Even if we can’t help grabbing a donut on the way home, we can still have that “new you”! This year’s makeup is all about going natural but with a statement—so let’s get bold!

The Natural Look

While heavy makeup may have been in, 2017 is all about a natural looking face!  Throw out that heavy contour and bring in minimal makeup to show off your healthy skin.  Time to put on that “no makeup” makeup!


Bold Lips 

Like I said, go bold!  Seriously, bright and intense lipsticks are in.  Add some pop to the “no makeup” look by splashing some color on your lips.  Have some fun and experiment with the colors—from dark lipsticks to bright oranges!


Bright Eyes

Bright colors won’t be just limited to your lips—add some freshness to your face with some colorful eyeshadow and eye makeup!  More and more palettes are trading in neutrals for more vivid shades, so make a statement!



Matte lipstick and eyeshadow was all the rage for 2016, but 2017 trades that in for glossy lips and shiny eyes!

-Hanlu Wang


Revolve - Hydra Highlight by NOTO $25

Topshop - Lips in Rio Rio $10

e.l.f. Cosmetics - Cream Eyeliner $3

B-Glowing - Anna Sui Ring Gloss $15

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