AceBounce's Anti Valentines Day Party - The Party You Can't Miss

 Photo via  AceBounce

Photo via AceBounce

Last year, I wrote a post on date ideas for Valentines day. Looking back on it, I'm realizing it was very rude of me to assume everyone was a fan of Valentine's day. I'll be honest here, even I'm not a huge fan of this "holiday" and I've learned there are many others out there like me. For my fellow anti-Valentines day supporters, I just found out about an event that you will not want to miss. On Saturday, February 11th, our favorite ping-pong bar and restaurant, AceBounce, is hosting an anti-Valentines day party.  If you want to scream, "get lost!" to love, then this is just the party for you. This special party is for BFF's and fans of anti-love anthems. While you're playing ping pong or sipping on specialty cocktails, the "love police" will be roaming the room calling out any romance rebels who are caught canoodling. Honestly, I knew I was attending this party the moment I read ping pong. However, if ping pong isn't a good enough reason to attend, I've created a list of reasons below that will surely change your mind. 

  • 2 hours of a premium open bar- who doesn't love free alcohol 
  • Live DJ set- we all know music makes everything better 
  • Unlimited UV ping pong- If you couldn't tell by now, I really really love ping pong
  • Passed appetizers- why would they let you drink on an empty stomach
  • Welcome cocktails designed in collaboration with Bumble- yes yes, Bumble will be there to support the romance rebels
  • Did I already mention there will be ping pong in a super cool UV lit space?
  • Lastly, why the hell not?
 Photo via  AceBounce

Photo via AceBounce

I know after reading that list you're thinking to yourself, "how do I get in?". I'm happy to say I can help you with this dilemma. Click this link to purchase your tickets. Early bird tickets are only $35 and standard tickets are $50, so invite your bestie and buy your tickets NOW. Don't be that lame person that misses the event all the cool kids are talking about.