A Quick Guide to The Best Podcasts

I am a big podcast head. I love podcasts for many reasons. A big one is that they are free baby! And on top of not costing a dime, there are always new and interesting ones coming out. They’re the perfect length for running errands, working out, doing chores, painting, giving yourself a Brazilian wax, etc. Lately, I’ve been listening to podcasts created and hosted by women that focus on creativity, friendship, and finding and loving oneself. There are tons of wonderful ones out there, but here are four of my current favorites with episodes already selected for you! But to be honest, every episode is a must listen. To be even more honest, I haven’t listened to every single episode, but I will. Promise. 

4 Podcasts you must listen too

Call Your Girlfriend

Why it’s a good listen: Described as “a podcast for long distance besties everywhere” and “unapologetically feminist,” real life friends Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman deliver a fun and comforting podcast. An added bonus is their beautiful website where each episode is visually represented. It might just inspire you to reconnect with friends living in different area codes.

Listen to it here!

Check out Episode 50: Joy of Missing Out.  Aminatou gives some sage advice urging people to forget FOMO and embrace missing out!

4 Podcasts You Must Listen Too

Don’t Keep Your Day Job

Why it's a good listen: Musician Cathy Heller fiercely believes the world is a better place when people are living their most passionate lives. Heller's voice exudes enthusiasm, so even if you LOVE your day job, you’ll be more motivated to live a little more creatively. 

Listen to it here!: 

Check Out the Pilot Episode: Turn Your Dream Job into a Reality The first episode is instantly inspirational and it is just fun to listen to Cathy Heller talk.

4 Podcasts You must Listen Too

Friendshipping with Jenn and Trin

Why it’s a good listen: This Chicago podcast is here to help you with all your friendship trials and tribulations. Listeners submit friendship queries and get the best advice from Jenn and Trin. Even if you don’t need any friendship advice, it’s worth listening to just for Jenn and Trin’s sweet friendship. 

Listen to it here!

Check out Episode Trinstagram and Jennternet: As discussed in Call Your Girlfriend, social media can make us feel left out. But in this episode, Jenn and Trin talk about how social media can be a great place to meet friends you never would’ve met in person.

4 Podcasts You Must Listen Too

Sooo Many White Guys

Why it’s a good listen?: The hilarious Phoebe Robinson created a podcast to put the spotlight on comedian and artists of color and from the LGBTQI community, because as the podcast title says, she was seeing sooo many white guys being featured on podcasts. In addition to being funny and refreshing, the banter between Phoebe and producer Joana Solotaroff could be a podcast in itself. Not to mention, co-producer Ilana Glazer of Broad City makes an appearance every now and then. 

Listen to it here!

Check out Episode 6: Phoebe and Gina Rodriquez and Eddie Vedder Walk Into a Bar: You get to eavesdrop on Gina Rodriquez of JANE THE VIRGIN having a convo.

- Bethanie John