7 Summer Styles We All Love to Hate

We all know that summer is hot, humid, and it’s almost impossible to not feel the need to walk around with almost nothing on. But of course, we have to show love for the latest trends, no matter what the temperature. Even though we all should be able to express ourselves in whatever ways we want, there’s a limit. And some of the styles that are considered "in", should have been tossed out long ago. So, to all you fashionistas, take notes. Here are seven fashion phenoms that we should retire this season.


Bathing Suits as Tops

This includes bras, bandeaus, bralettes..basically, anything that isn’t a real shirt should be removed from your closet and replaced with something, anything else. There’s no denying it’s hot, and that the less you wear, the better you feel. But come on! Unless you’re directly next to the lake, beach, or laying out by the pool, no one should be caught dead wearing something that screams beach bum.  No matter your size or body type, being free and staying cool is a must. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up cotton and lace. It just means to give the strings, ties, and spandex a little break.


Head Dresses

Enough said. There’s nothing worse than wearing a crown of flowers and taking the train to work.   Fashion has always been a kind of freedom of expression, an extension of one’s self. But this summer, let’s keep the feathered headdress and beaded crowns to a minimum. It doesn’t add to your outfit. It just makes you look like you’re ready to jump on someone’s shoulders at Burning Man. If that’s your thing, more power to you. But wearing festival attire in your everyday life doesn’t make you look more put together. Keep it simple.


Cut Off Shorts

Or daisy dukes, as they are often referred as.  I know, I know. Everyone wishes that they could rock them. But they’ve been outdated and dated for years. So, why do we keep wearing something that went out of style? I haven’t the slightest idea but enough is enough. It’s all well and good to show off a little skin when the sun stays out later. Wearing something a little risqué is no crime, but there are certainly other ways of rocking those gorgeous legs. Sometimes we all have to let go and this trend is no different. Having to make sure you aren’t flashing the world every five seconds should not be on your bucket list this summer.

Comically Large Sun Hat

Comically Large Sun Hat

Oversized Sun Hats

If you’re going to a tea party or a horse race, this item may be acceptable. But going out for brunch, a girl’s day out, even a summer date... try leaving the house without something that is not only loud but also doesn’t do anything remarkable for anyone. While blocking those rays is an important skin care practice, sun hats don’t have to be huge to protect your skin. Try to find a hat that fits your face, matches your style, and doesn’t create a huge distraction. It’s not just too much hat, it’s too much everything. Don’t hide that beautiful face behind miles of sunhat!



Just don’t do it. They were cute when they came out. But honestly, who wants to strip down to use the bathroom? Rompers are a solid idea if you have the ideal body type, but let’s face it. Sometimes, if not most of the time, they don’t fit like they do in the picture. That’s perfectly okay, but let’s stop this trend before in goes down in history. If you feel so inclined, try a two piece set. They keep you cool, fit much better, and you’ll look even chicer in the matching shorts and crop top ensemble.

Too Much Fringe

Wanting to rock a little tassel, in good taste and within reason, is nothing to be looked down upon. However, when everything from your top to your sandals, are embellished with fringe, it gets a little tiring. Fringe was major back in the seventies, and while every great clothing trend has been reduced, reused and recycled, too much fringe can cause a distraction. Not only because there’s a lot going on, but also because it creates an almost distasteful look. We all want to look put together, and fringe doesn’t do that all the time.

All Black

Now this one should be a no brainer. But surprisingly enough, the all black look is still popular. Let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than wearing an all black outfit when it’s ninety degrees outside. All black can be very classy, almost sexy in a way when worn in the right way. With the sun shining, black just contains the heat, it doesn’t release it. We’re already sweating, and that black dress is only making matters worse!

Summer means a lot of things. It’s a time to grow, change, and a time to even reinvent yourself. What better way to do that than with style? While these changes are being made, remember these seven tips to help make the most out of everyone’s favorite season!

- Josie Griffith

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