Beauty Guide: 7 Ponytail Ideas For A Lazy Day

Beauty Guide: 7 Ponytail Ideas For A Lazy Day

Let's be honest with ourselves and admit that we all have lazy days. The hardest aspect of getting ready usually involves taming your hair and this becomes even more difficult on a lazy day. I've learned every individual has a go-to hairstyle for days like this and mine is the good ol ponytail. However, a simple ponytail doesn't cut it for me, I need a little sparkle and pizazz. Below are my favorite styles for a lazy day. I will say now that there are one or two styles I included that are a bit more complicated but I couldn't resist. 

1. A Velvet Ribbon

Image via Coveteur

This is probably the easiest style you can do on a lazy day. All you need is a hair tie and a ribbon. This style even looks good with unruly or frizzy hair. Head over to the Coveteur for the simple tutorial.


2. Fishtail Braid 

Image via Elle 

This is one of the more complicated ones I mentioned earlier but it's so gorgeous. Adding any type braid to a high ponytail will automatically elevate your look. 


3. Gold Cuff

Image Via Harpers Bazaar

This is another simple adornment that adds a great deal of style to your look. All this look involves is a hair tie and a ponytail cuff which can be bought here.


4. Big Waves

Image Via Harpers Bazaar

This is one of my favorite looks because it is an understated glamorous look. This look can be created with day old curls or by simply wrapping large sections of hair around a large barrel curling iron.


5. Center Braid

Image via StyleCaster

Image Via StyleCaster

I know I said the last look was one of my favorites but this look is a tried and true favorite. This style works for most hair types and lengths which I appreciate being a short haired woman. It's an edgy twist on the normal french braid. 


6. Sleek Side Part

Image Via Elle 

I'm not sure who Rooney Mara's hairstylist is but this person deserves an award. Her hair is flawless during every red carpet appearance including the one pictured above. This sleek look features a deep side part and the lovely detail of the hair wrap around the ponytail is gorgeous.


7. Criss Cross Braid 

Image Via Olivia Palermo

It's no surprise that this look is seen on a woman with endless style, olivia palermo. This is one of the styles that may be a bit more elaborate depending on your skill level. It features two braids which cross in the center and wrap around the ponytail. It might take a while to perfect but it'll be so worth it. USA
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