5 Reasons to Ditch the Under Eye Concealer

Surely you’ve heard of “no makeup” makeup or no foundation routines that use concealer as a base, but what about ditching the concealer altogether?

I’ll just say it outright: I have deep, dark wells under my eyes. Up until about a year ago, I hated everything about them and furiously tried to cover them up. Last summer, I discovered how much I hated heavy makeup in the summer and started on a journey to create a natural makeup look tailored to my skin’s needs.

It began with the classic light makeup look, swapping in a light BB cream and a medium-coverage concealer/powder combo under the eye into my normal rotation. As time passed and morning prep time slowly disintegrated thanks to laziness, I ditched face makeup altogether in favor of light concealing under the eyes (no powder this time) and on any blemishes.

Concealer Free

I was satisfied going on like this until I watched a Glossier “Get Ready with Me” featuring their social media editor Eva doing her Saturday morning makeup. Her take on face makeup intrigued me:

“I don’t wear concealer unless I have like a blemish...I really like a little bit of discoloration. I feel like it gives a little depth.”

I started leaving the house sans-concealer post-Eva and my world was changed. Despite the dark blue under my eyes, my face felt lighter, brighter, and much more real.

I’m not someone who has flawless skin and doesn’t wear concealer because I don’t need it -- I have massive dark moons and still see the benefit in dropping it out of my daily routine. I still use concealer for more-than-everyday occasions and days my under-eye circles are more like black holes, but I’ve definitely learned a few things about the upsides to setting it aside sometimes:

1. It leaves the natural definition on your face.

Like Eva said, the discoloration provides my face with the natural definition that I’d had to create myself in other parts of my face (read: contouring and highlighting). When partnered with a little cream blush and lightly penciled in brows, I look like I just woke up, but now there’s no evidence under my eye that I didn’t. If you still want to brighten a bit, pop a little bit of highlight in the inner corner and pull it just slightly down to the darkest part of your under-eye. Below is an example of this technique on a woman with little to no dark circles, but I promise it works on us less fortunate as well:

2. It’s one less thing you have to worry about touching up.

The under-eye is one of the trickiest area of the face because the skin is so thin and prone to crinkling, wrinkling, creasing, smudges, and tears. When you take concealer out of the equation, you don’t have to worry about holding in those tears during the movie or squinting when the sun gets in your eyes.

3. You can actually touch your eyes!

Imagine a world where you can actually get that eyelash out of your eye without getting fingerprints all over your makeup. It’s a liberating feeling.

4. There’s less pulling on the under-eye.

The thing about concealer is that once you put it on, you have to take it off. Skip the liquid eraser if you want to cut back on the wrinkle-inducing tugging below the eye.

5. Your under-eyes will look fresh.

Whether you have dry, normal, or oily skin under your eye, the wrong concealer or blending technique can emphasize texture or product pooling. Finding the correct eye cream to counteract your problem is keeps your eyes looking balanced and fresh and, again, doesn’t require touch-ups.

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