5 Low Maintenance + Air Purifying Plants

Style & Forks: Low Maintenance + Air Purifying Plants

I LOVE PLANTS! It's true, I am obsessed with them and want to be surrounded by as many as possible. They're beautiful, increase energy and they improve air quality. However, all plant lovers know how sad it can be when a plant dies because you just can't seem to get the care instructions correct. Sadly I am not a plant expert and I know this feeling all too well, which is why I have created this list. I've tried filling my home with the best air purifying plants however some are very difficult to care for or I wasn't able to provide them with enough light. The plants listed are all extremely easy to care for, work well in most lighting and they are all air purifiers. Also, next month is National Garden Month so if you don't have an outdoor garden you can start creating an indoor garden. 

1) Aloe (Pictured Above)

Aloe is the only succulent I have successfully kept alive. I have read in so many places that succulents are extremely easy to care for, however, this was not the experience I had with them. They all died slowly and I'm still not sure what I did wrong. All I do to keep my aloe alive is water it moderately (sparingly in the winter) and make sure the soil doesn't get too moist. Aloe releases oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide. 

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2) Snake Plant 

This plant is EXTREMELY tolerant. Mine has been through multiple apartment moves, a cat that likes knocking plants over, and partial neglect yet it's still alive and growing. To keep a snake plant alive; put them in indirect sunlight and water sparingly. They also remove toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene. They're amazing!

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3) Aglaonema

This is becoming one of my favorite plants. It grows rapidly and I'm obsessed with its surprisingly large leaves. It works with high, medium and low light (although mine seems to flourish in low light). There are also many beautifully colored varieties. 

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4) Golden Pothos (Devil's Ivy)

Golden pothos is another great plant for clearing the air of formaldehyde. This plant grows extremely fast and before you know it you will have beautiful cascading vines. Golden pothos needs bright light and  moderate watering. Warning: Golden pothos are poisinous to pets and humans. It's not fatal but it can cause irritation and vomiting.

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5) Dracaena

This plant removes multiple toxins introduced through lacquers or varnishes and I can never get over its beauty. It's delicate yet sturdy at the same time; It also goes with all decor styles. This plant needs moderate sunlight, moderate watering, and moist soil. Warning: this plant is poisonous to cats and can cause vomiting and appetite loss. So if you have a cat that enjoys eating plants you should either put this in a location they can't reach or simply don't keep it in your home. 

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