5 Fun Facts About Macarons

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I think at this point it's safe to say that macarons are pretty great and everyone in the blog-o-sphere will agree. They are cute, simple and there are limitless tasty flavor options. The last time I bought macarons, I realized that I knew nothing about them and decided to do some research. I have now created a list of 5 fun facts about the amazing macaron. Hope you enjoy!

Peach and Mint Chocolate Chip

1) The first Macaron cookie appeared in 1533 in Italy. (This shocked me because I believed they originated in France)

2) March 20th is Macaron day in New York City! (Note to self: Visit New York on March 20th, there is a possibility of free samples)

3) The main ingredients are: almond flour, sugar and egg whites. 

4) The Macaron is the #1 selling pastry in France. 

5) Pierre Desfontaines was the first to add a filling between two macaroon cookies. (Thanks Pierre)

Towering Macarons


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