3 Ways To Keep Your Home Cozy During Winter

Am I the only one who feels like winter is never ending? Hopefully, within a month or so, it will be less chilly outside. The fact is, right now, home is my sanctuary against the devious weather. That's why I'd like to make it as lovely as I can. Below are some tips I would like to share with you to bring back some warmth into your home.

Add Some Green 

Photo via Homey Oh My 

Photo via Homey Oh My 

I love the cool-toned décor of winter, but sometimes it can be a little dull. Times like these make me miss the flowers and greenery in the Spring and Summer time. Personally, I prefer live plants in my home instead of plastic ones, but being such a horrible gardener, this usually ends in failure. If you are like me, this magical plant called tillandsia might do the trick! They are also known as air plants, they grow without soil and require very little maintenance. What I especially love about them is that they can be so versatile. You can put them in literally any containers you want. This is a perfect way to add that little bit of green with your own style and personality.


Burn a Few candles

Doesn't everyone just love scented candles? Their beautiful jars, delightful aroma and flickering light are so soft that it's like putting an Instagram filter onto your room. To make things even better, consider getting a candle that creates a subtle crackling sound like a fireplace. Woodwick candles have wicks made out of wood or ribbon. With the gentle crackling wood and dancing flames, your winter night might just get a little cozier.


Bring In Some Light 

Photo via Amber Interiors

Photo via Amber Interiors

Gloomy and dark winter mornings make getting out of bed much harder than it already is. In these situations, mirrors can be a great way to introduce some natural light into your room. Not only will they brighten up your room by adding light, they will also add some style. Mirrors are very versatile as well and can be added to many DIY projects. There are many ways to sneak these into your home. 

-Siyao Lyu

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