3 Unexpected Emerging Trends

Perhaps I was living under a rock when all of this happened but I just realized there are three trends that are taking over right now. I realized this yesterday during a shopping trip. All I wanted was plain black pants and it turns out this is not the time of year to find plain black pants. I discovered that the three trends taking over are striped bottoms, polka dots, and basket bags. Yep, you read correctly, BASKET BAGS! I am truly confused by this and surprised it caught on but yes the fashionistas of the interwebs are walking around with mini picnic baskets. I know it probably seems to odd to say stripes are trending because they're always in style but striped bottoms are everywhere. I recall this being big about 4-5 years ago but I did not expect it to come back so soon. I believe the first time I noticed the polka dot trend was in a Coveteur article and I loved it. There's something about polka dots that create a feeling of nostalgia for me. Although I am surprised by these trends I am definitely inspired by them and love the way all the fashionistas are personalizing these trends. Keep scrolling to see my favotire looks. 



Basket Bags


Polka Dots

Sincerely Jules

Sincerely Jules