2018 Swim Guide

2018 Swim Guide

It's not officially summer yet but I have stored away all my winter clothing which means it's SUMMERTIME! My favorite time of year is here, in Chicago, it lasts about 3 months so I have a lot of outdoor things to get done. Aside from eating lunch on a shaded outdoor patio, one of my favorite summer activities is simply lounging in a swimsuit. Yes, I realize this might sound like a boring way to spend the very limited summer time. I have but sometimes we all just need to reelllaaaaxxx. Whether you're lounging by a pool or catching waves here are some beautiful suits for you to dazzle in. You should also listen to the Spotify playlist below to fully get yourself in that awesome summer mood.  

...for the Print Queens

The louder the print the better!

...for the Color Goddess

Her inspiration will always be unicorns. 

...for the Daring 

She's not even a little bit intimidated by a plunging neckline...or a bit of sideboob.

...for the Minimalist

She rocks her middle part very confidently.

...for the Boho

She's showing up to the party with her natural curls!

...for the Athletic 

She CAN and WILL swim laps around you.

...for the Diva

She's didn't attend your beach party to swim or get in the water..she's here to show off her new lewk.

...for the Slogan Lover 

She's not actually getting married...she just likes the attention.

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