Your New Favorite Accessory: Chicago Unzipped

Your New Favorite Accessory: Chicago Unzipped

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I am a sucker for supporting small businesses and even more so if the business is local. So I was quite ecstatic when I learned a friend of mine, Jessica Kovar, decided to bring her ideas to fruition. Kovar has created a lovely line of accessories appropriately named, Chicago Unzipped. Starting at $10.00, the modern bracelets are perfect for layering and would be a great addition to all jewelry collections. Her flawless zipper bracelets are just the beginning of what will become an awe-inspiring lifestyle brand.  

Lastly, Kovar answered some questions for me and provided a promo code for all you lovely Style & Fork readers. Use the code STYLEANDFORKS20 during checkout for a 20% discount on your order. This deal expires on Monday 04/11/2016 so make your purchases as soon as possible. 

Please shop Chicago Unzipped on Etsy and follow @chicagounzipped on Instagram!

Where does your artistic influence come from?

I’ve always had a love for clothes and accessories and at a young age my grandma taught me to sew. Ever since then I’ve loved looking at ordinary things (a zipper for example) and making them into something totally different. I’m influenced by everything around me on a day to day basis, the city, and social media especially. Instagram has really become a platform for artists and it’s truly inspiring to see what some people are capable of creating.

What is your philosophy about the art of fashion?

If you like something, wear it. A lot of times we get too caught up in what everyone else is wearing, and we can lose our own personal style along the way. The clothes we should be a representation of ourselves and our personalities. And most importantly have fun when you’re getting dressed in the morning.

How do you describe your fashion/style?

My style is very simplistic with a hint of rocker chic. I tend to stick to darker colors, but will throw in a pop of color occasionally. My staple piece in my wardrobe right now is definitely my leather jacket.

How does your work reflect your personal style?

My style is very simple but I love to add accessories, and I try to always make sure that my outfit can go from day to night. I think that the Zipper Bracelets are a simple, yet unique accessory that make a statement and they are also very transitional.

Who is your dream client?

My dream client is someone who is not afraid to express themselves or possibly wear something out of the ordinary. They are interested in trying new trends but will always incorporate it into their already existing personal style.

Where do you envision your brand going?

I envision Chicago Unzipped becoming a lifestyle brand and something more than just one style of bracelet. With the start of the blog this past month I’ve really been inspired and have been thinking of new possibilities. I would love to incorporate a new and different accessory or even introduce a small clothing line.

Hope you enjoyed!


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