12 Pool Bag Essentials

12 Pool Bag Essentials

In the heat of the summer, a dip in the pool becomes the preferred way to cool off, but one mustn’t venture on a swim without the following pool bag essentials.

1. Towel

2 in 1 Beach Towel 

2 in 1 Beach Towel 

Once you’ve taken a swim you certainly won’t want to sit in a puddle, so it’s crucial to have a chic towel to dry off with.  

Our Suggestion: Beach Blanket and Towel, $40, ASOS

2. Tote Bag

Considering this is a list of pool bag essentials, you may want a bag to hold all of the other things on this list.

Our Suggestion: What A Catch Tote Bag, $78, Anthropologie

3. SPF Lip Balm

It’s important to protect not only your skin from the sun, but also your lips, which makes packing a lipbalm with spf very important.  

Our Suggestion: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, $24, Sephora

4. Wave Spray

We all wish we had natural beach waves, but unless you live next to the ocean it’s essential to pack a texturizing spray.

Our Suggestion: OUAI Wave Spray 50ml, $26, Sephora

5. Book / Magazine

It’s often hard to find time to read, but a relaxing pool day wouldn’t be complete without a good book or magazine to flip through.

Our Suggestion: Frankie Magazine, $13.95, Frankie

6. Cover Up Dress

Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of spending the whole day at the pool, so in order to stay in your suit but still look presentable one must pack a cover up.

Our Suggestion: Crochet Katfan Dress, $60, Topshop

7. Sunhat

One way to stay in the shade and protect your face from the sun is to bring along an oversized sun hat.

Our Suggestion: Ida Visor, $19.95, Anthropologie

8. Water Bottle

Hydration is key while spending a day at the pool, which makes having a water bottle vitally important.

Our Suggestion: Swell Bottle 17oz, $35, Swellbottle

9. Sunscreen

As mentioned before it’s important to protect your skin, so one must be sure to pack sunscreen and to reapply it throughout the day.  

Our Suggestion: Hawaiian Tropics Sheer Touch Sunscreen SPF 30, $5.39, Target

10. Swimsuit

You can’t go swimming without a suit!

Our Suggestion: Tied Front Swimsuit, $31.95, NA-KD

Tied Front Swimsuit

Tied Front Swimsuit

11. Snacks

One is bound to get hungry, and healthy snacks are not only delicious but also nutritious. (That said, if the ice cream truck makes its rounds it’s perfectly fine to indulge in a Choco Taco)

Our Suggestion: Peeled Snacks Gently Dried Organic Mango, $3.79, Target

12. Sunglasses

Sunnies!!! (I don’t think I need to say anything else about this essential accessory)

Our Suggestion: Acetate Frame Sunglasses, $14.99, MANGO


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