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Do you like fashionfood, art and occasional DIY projects? If you answered yes, you're in the right place.  Welcome to Style & Forks, a creative outlet featuring food, fashion, art and so much more. 

About Me

Hello, My name is Tola and I have many obsessions. Fashion, food and art are the most exciting of these obsessions so I decided to start writing about it. My love for food is very understandable; I'm human, I need it to live and it's amazing. Strangely, I remember when I fell in love with fashion. It was when I first gazed through the September issue of Vogue in 2003. Nicole Kidman was the cover girl and all the editorials were perfection. I would flip through it weekly, thinking there was a page I might have missed. Eventually, I taught myself to sew using my mom's sewing machine and followed my dreams of immersing myself in the world of fashion all the way to college. However, life is more than what we wear. I created Style and Forks to not only share my passions but that of others. I am dedicated to sharing the stories of others and I hope you enjoy reading them!


Tola A.